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Professional Books, Religious Books available from Words of Wisdom Educational Consulting

Coming in 2016

New!  Lee Harvey Oswald on Trial: A Novel
by Keith & Rebekka Pruitt
What if he WAS just a patsy?  Read the exciting new thriller that supposes What if?  The book uses primary sources including police affidavits and sworn testimony and stars the exciting fictionalized pairing of Tom Cavendish and Sylvester Donelson as the defense attorneys.

Coming Spring 2016- Hail to the Chief: The Presidents of the United States

Focus on Writing: Making Craft Fun

  A very out of the box examination of strategies for teaching writing in the classroom.

A new book from Max Ray and Dr. Bill Van Dyke.  This book explores the work of Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment of Jubilee.  The authors also examine how legalism has diminished the restoration movement plea of New Testament Christianity. $12.99 Retail. Print. $4.99 Kindle Version

The Search for Truth-Keith Pruitt's 10th book
This book contains a series of questions and answers first posted on Facebook. In this book, the author will expand the answers in a search for the truth found in God's word. Traditional teachings can often take on the aire of authenticity; when we fail to question the source, we open up the grounds for false teachings to creep into the church. In this study, Keith Pruitt wishes to examine popular teachings among those in the churches of Christ to see what the scriptures actually teach regarding these matters. The open discussion/study method is employed allowing for a very thorough examination of truth. $8.99 Retail. Print. $3.99 Kindle Version

Making Magic in the Middle, Vols. 1 and 2

Motivating Adolescent Readers Using Fluency and Prosody Instruction is written by Dr. Marta Whittington and details methods of instruction that may be used in teaching fluency and prosody to adolescent readers.  The book not only deals with the research giving the strategies firm footing, but also delivers powerful strategies teachers may instantly use in the classroom complete with multiple websites.  $8.59 Retail. Kindle Version available.                                                                                       

Teaching for Academic Success by Targeting Vocabulary Instruction., written by Keith Pruitt, the book is based on the 8 step methodology Pruitt developed for teaching academic language in the classroom and is based on the very popular presentation that has been presented around the country. Now available at Amazon.com in both print and Kindle version. The print version is $6.99 and the Kindle version is $1.99.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Sharpshooter: The Life and Times of Tilman Manus

The story of Tilman Manus is compelling. Born in the middle Tennessee hills in 1835 when Andrew Jackson was President, he learned early the meaning of hard work. Leaving Cannon Country to transport the Wallace family to Shreveport, Tilman and Uncle James decide to seek a future in the fertile Mississippi River land of Union County, Illinois. An eyewitness to some of the greatest events of history, Manus attended a Lincoln-Douglas debate, fought for the Union in the Civil War under Grant, helped lay the tracks for the railroad, and was a farmer who found the secret of a long life in simple living. Nearing the age of 106, Tilman lived to see the Roosevelt New Deal and the great depression. He was a remarkable man and quite the storyteller. In this historical fiction novel, Keith Pruitt, a kinsman, relates the remarkable nature of a bygone era.  Available at Amazon.com retail price $8.99  Kindle version $3.99                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Building Meaning Through Words, K, A, B
Contains 16 complete lessons based on popular Read Aloud selections (not included).  Teachers will have an affordable and systematic tool for teaching vocabulary.  Contains words, explanations, method, puzzles, graphic organizers, and assessment.  Available exclusively from CreateSpace, Words of Wisdom, or through Amazon.com.  16.99


http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects/1/1/6/9/1169079/images/bookcoverimage_dtn0.jpgIt's All About Words is the 3rd edition, revised complete with word lists, websites, and much more.  This is the book that explains the researched based method of teaching vocabulary taught all over the nation.  Pruitt also examines best practices in the classroom and what we should not continue to do if we wish to get good results.

http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects/1/1/6/9/1169079/images/c349672705be287fbd0d525e9895f63c.jpgWhy I Didn't Drop Out: 10 Guidelines for Success with Struggling Readers is Keith Pruitt's book describing his journey as a struggling reader.  Based on research from people like Allington, Marzano, Keene and many others, this book presents 10 guidelines that will work with those who struggle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Words is to help create schema containing 300 original pictures and words from vocabulary tiers 2 and 3.  This book is like a catalog and your students will love working with the pictures.  Photographed by Keith and Rebekka Pruitt.  Plenty of white space to work with the words with sentences, explanations, etc.

http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects/1/1/6/9/1169079/images/09826ada456c1d6477d4cbc2b218e883.jpgThe Zoo is Vol. 2 of our continuing series to help develop schema containing 244 animal pictures taken from around the country.  Photographed by Keith and Rebekka Pruitt.  This large volume has plenty of room to work with words.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
The World is Vol. 3 of our continuing series to help develop schema containing some 322 pictures from daily life.  Photographed by Keith and Rebekka Pruitt, this book contains all original photographs with plenty of room to work with the words.            


The Letter of Christian Liberty: Studies in Galatians by Ken Green- Available for $15.99 from Amazon.com. Now also available in Kindle Version $6.99.  This sizable study contains essays on each verse of the Galatian epistle and is well referenced.  Green has done a remarkable job of making this book so understandable as he writes about Paul’s instructions regarding salvation by grace apart from the works of the Law.                                                                                                                                                                                

http://app6.websitetonight.com/projects/1/1/6/9/1169079/images/88252ed7d8024f4a37428d7487ebcea0_5j4k.pngMax Ray's book examining the method by which we understand the scriptures.  Is the Command, Example, Necessary Inference how God wishes for us to establish biblical authority or should we read the bible as story.  A compelling book.  Available at Amazon.com in both print ($16.59) or Kindle ($6.99) versions.

  All books are available at online retailers including Amazon.com

Need a workshop on Common Core? WOW has workshops from three hours to 2 days. Contact us today

New Workshops Available

Teaching ELL Students in a Common Core World
is now available as a 5 hour workshop.  Teachers will endeavor to understand how CCSS impacts teaching in the classroom in Comprehension, Vocabulary, Academic Language and Writing.  Filled with information and STRATEGIES that will make this transition to Common Core an teaching moment instead of disaster.  Based on solid research, this is as one teacher said "mandatory training" for every teacher.  Cost varies by location.

Teaching Vocabulary in a Common Core World is now available as a 3 hour hands-on training for teachers.  This incorporates the teacher's guides published by Words of Wisdom.  Cost depends on location.

Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom is now available as an 8 hour workshop to be delivered as 4 two-hour after school sessions, one full day marathon session or in two half day sessions.  The workshop covers five different areas include the writing process, writers workshop and six trait writing and includes video and writing activities for participants.  This interactive workshop is intended to show your teachers how to teach writing.  Do you need writing training at your district?  Cost varies depending on location and how it is delivered.

Teaching Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words

Provides strategies for teaching prefixes, suffixes and root words as a part of test preparation or to increase vocabulary.  Teach students how to master over 1500 words in short order by teaching these three essential parts of vocabulary.  1-3 hour workshop.  Contact for pricing.

Teaching Students in a Common Core World  is a two day workshop that incorporates work with comprehension, vocabulary and writing.  Very interactive.  In this workshop teachers will look at precisely what constitutes comprhension and how it should be taught, questioning patterns, vocabulary instruction using the Beck methodology and the 8 step Pruitt method of teaching academic language, the importance of mentor text in writing and various strategies for engaging students in writing both response writing and using rubrics in process writing using a writers workshop model.  Contact for pricing.  Starts at $1800 for the two days.

Take a look at these wonderful companies.  All these have partnerships with Words of Wisdom.
http://eps.schoolspecialty.com/   Educators Publishing Service
https://www.abramslearningtrends.com/  Abrams Learning Trends publisher of Letter People, Key Links and much more


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Being an Instructional Leader: The Sergiovanni Method
In this workshop, participants will examine what it means to be an instructional leader, how training looks when moving from an in-service model to a renewal model, how to change a school from a culture of instruction to a culture of learning, and how professional learning communities change the culture and results in schools today.  2 hour workshop

Increasing Comprehensible Input in Vocabulary Instruction
    Attendees will work with Krashen's Comprehensible Input theory as it relates to teaching vocabulary in the classroom.  This high octane workshop will explore many facets of instruction in the regular classroom and how we can change to allow for more learning in the classroom.This 7 hr seminar is designed to allow learners to explore the world of comprehensible input as described by Dr. Krashen in the context of research-based methods in teaching vocabulary and word study within any classroom setting.  Other theorists work to be applied: Cummins, Beck, McKeown, Kucan, Morris, Piaget, and Marzano.  Target audience-  classroom teachers K-12                                  ELL instructors K-12

                                  LD teachers K-12
Price negotiable!  May be offered as a 4 continuous afterschool programs, 2 half days or 1 full day.

ELLs in the Classroom: Strategies That Work power point at
RTI: Instruction That's More Than Just Testing http://www.slideshare.net/rkpruitt1/response-to-intervention-instruction-that-is-more-than-just-testing
Increasing Comprehensible Input 
What Struggling Readers Need to Succeed
Cummins Interdependence Hypothesis 
Words and Comprehension: The Key to Growth http://www.slideshare.net/rkpruitt1/words-and-comprehension
Being an Instructional Leader: The Sergiovanni Method http://www.slideshare.net/rkpruitt1/being-an-instructional-leader

Exploding the Vocabulary:Teaching the Words Students Need for Success http://www.slideshare.net/rkpruitt1/exploding-the-vocabulary-teaching-the-words-students-need-for-success
Just What Does It Mean To Make Sense?
Five Ways to Ensure Fluency
Focus on Writing: The Important of Mentor Text 
Teaching for Academic Success by Targeting Vocabulary Instruction
Differentiating Content Literacy Instruction for All Students
Ignite Vocabulary Instruction with a Multimedia Approach
Teaching Vocabulary in a Common Core World
Teaching ELL Students in a Common Core World
Teaching Students in a Common Core World (2 day workshop)
Vocabulary Training for Wilson County Teachers
Moving Forward: Transitions Needed by Adult ELL Students Based on Common Core
Focus on Writing: The Importance of Asking Questions
The Importance of Historical Fiction in Teaching History
Thinking About Our Thinking
Thinking About Our Thinking-Wilson County training- Full Day
Focus on Writing: Building the Conversation
Recasting History: Lee Harvey Oswald on Trial

Keith Pruitt is available as a conference speaker, after school-before school training, as an on-going partner with your school district and for professional development tailored to your needs.
Literacy Development                                                                                                  
Writing Instruction
Comprehensive Literacy Instruction
Vocabulary Instruction
Response to Intervention
ELL and Special Needs Instruction

Put the WOW back in the classroom!

For the study guide for Connecting Reading and Writing in the Classroom or the powerpoint of that presentation, please see the Links section of this website.


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                                        Who Is Keith Pruitt, Ed.S.?

The last three decades of my life have been dedicated to education as a special education teacher, school board member, educational specialist, curriculum specialist, publisher's representative, consultant, preacher and author. I have seen a lot come and go in education.  But one thing has remained a constant--the need for good teaching in the classroom.

As a parent, I realize the need for good instruction in the classroom.  Creating life-long learners and readers is urgent.  The future takes shape in the classroom.  Equipping students with tools for learning is a small, howbeit important, part of what goes on in the classroom.  In order to change the end product, there must be fundamental change in teacher practices.

My passion is grounded in a firm belief in the work of educational researchers like Howard Gardner, Lucy Calkins, Marie Clay, Lev Vegotsky, Isabel Beck, Roger Farr, David Pearson, Reggie Routman, Linda Hoyt, Ellin Keene, Margaret Mooney, Janet Allen and countless others.  The more examination is made of excellent research and practices, the more it burns in me.  It is what makes me tick.  Helping teachers become the very best they can be is my passion.  Through the years I have built a network of friends who are both researchers and leading consultants in the field.

Schools need instructional leaders as per Sergiovanni.  At the heart of creating professional learning communities is professional development.  Delivering a day of theory falls short of getting the job done.  A balance of theory coupled with implementation in the classroom will result in change.  Words of Wisdom workshops place a premium on providing well-researched methodologies that have been vetted in real classrooms.  Teachers will leave a Words of Wisdom workshop with multiple strategies to use on day one in the classroom.

Charges for professional development have gotten out of hand.  Words of Wisdom Educational Consulting believes training teachers doesn't have to break the bank.  People desire quality; given the economic conditions, they also need value.  For what many are paying companies for one day of training, you could get a whole week with Words of Wisdom!  This is professional development that will excite and challenge your teachers' thinking and practices. Principals don't mortgage the building in order to train teachers!

  • Ed.S. Argosy University/ Atlanta
  • Author: It's All About Words: Literacy Instruction in the Classroom; Why I Didn't Drop Out: 10 Guidelines for Success with Struggling Readers; Building Meaning Through Words (series); The Words; The Zoo; Sharpshooter: The Life and Times of Tilman Manus; The Search for Truth
  • Over 500 articles, reviews, poems, short stories published
  • Conference speaker at national and state conferences on reading, special education, English Language Learners, Title One and Adult Education
  • Twenty plus years in educational publishing
  • Special Education teacher
  • Former member board of education
  • Minister
  • Father of two daughters
  • Grandfather of two boys




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