ELLs in the Classroom: Strategies That Work power point at
RTI: Instruction That's More Than Just Testing
Increasing Comprehensible Input
What Struggling Readers Need to Succeed
Cummins Interdependence Hypothesis
Words and Comprehension: The Key to Growth
Being an Instructional Leader: The Sergiovanni Method
Exploding the Vocabulary:Teaching the Words Students Need for Success
Just What Does It Mean To Make Sense?  
Five Ways to Ensure Fluency
Focus on Writing: The Important of Mentor Text
Teaching for Academic Success by Targeting Vocabulary Instruction
Differentiating Content Literacy Instruction for All Students
Ignite Vocabulary Instruction with a Multimedia Approach
Teaching Vocabulary in a Common Core World
Teaching ELL Students in a Common Core World
Teaching Students in a Common Core World (2 day workshop)
Vocabulary Training for Wilson County Teachers
Moving Forward: Transitions Needed by Adult ELL Students Based on Common Core
Focus on Writing: The Importance of Asking Questions
The Importance of Historical Fiction in Teaching History
Thinking About Our Thinking
Thinking About Our Thinking-Wilson County training- Full Day
Focus on Writing: Building the Conversation
Recasting History: Lee Harvey Oswald on Trial

Updated version of Recasting History: Lee Harvey Oswald on Trial

Word Hikes with Little Tikes

What I've Learned About Literacy in Forty Years

Below are important links to power point presentations.  You may feel free to use these for free in any manner that will be of help to teachers and children. Please remember, one of the appeals of WOW is the enthusiasm we bring.  So why not hire WOW to come to your district to do these presentations in person?

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