A history of the Association of American Educators a dynamic association of professional educators. The book covers not only their history but also current issues in educational reform.

About Us

Words of Wisdom was created in 2008 in order to promote WOW in the classroom. Through the years, WOW has provided thousands of teachers proven strategies for helping students in writing, reading, vocabulary instruction, fluency, special needs populations such as English Language Learners and many other aspects of education.  Whether it is PreK or Adult Education, Pruitt's vast experiences have uniquely prepared him to be of service to teachers around the nation.  

Keith Pruitt has become a popular speaker at conferences and in trainings for teachers.  And we believe you will find the pricing to be competitive at just $1000/day, WOW doesn't propose to break the bank.  

For a listing of all the different topics Pruitt can address, check out his power points at http://www.slideshare.net/rkpruitt1 Presentations can be tailored to your needs in your district.  

Words of Wisdom has also published 39 books (35 written by Keith Pruitt some with his daughter Rebekka) Here are a listing of them. You may purchase any of our books directly through Words of Wisdom or from Amazon.com. Check out the author page at http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00BIRS0FQ   Our newest project is Hail to the Chief: The Presidents of the United States.

Teacher Guides with Lessons for Teaching Vocabulary from Read Alouds Kinder, 1st, 2nd

Ken Green's Excellent Study of Galatians

Books for Vocabulary Instruction

Max Ray's excellent analysis of Biblical authority.

Teaching for Academic Success by Targeting Vocabulary Instruction- Aimed at Content Vocab

Hail to the Chief Series

Words Hikes With Little Tykes explains the method of teaching vocabulary to little children and why it is important. A must have manual for any primary teacher.

More Titles Coming Soon!

Keith Pruitt's first children's book. This non-fiction primary grades work asks children to point to various objects in these original photographs from nature.

 How can I get my students to start writing. Filled with a sure fire way to excite your students.

Hello! Series on American Cities

Speaks to the Spirit of Jubilee found in Christ by Max Ray and Bill Van Dyke

Schema Card Books for Vocabulary Instruction

NEW!  Hello... series

Pruitt's First Book, 3rd Edition. A 101 guide to literacy instruction

Begins with the narrative of my early struggles and then takes principles learned from research and provides 10 guidelines for helping struggling students become successful. Based on workshop at AMLE conference.

A Biblical Search for Answers to Tough Questions

Words of Wisdom Educational Consulting

Vol. 1 & 2 in Full Color and B & W editions and now the hardcover edition in 1 volume

Historical Fiction